5 Amazing Ways to Repurpose Content

The ability to repurpose content is the cornerstone for any successful content marketer. More often than not, you might have hit a lean patch with writer’s block or lack of time. It’s during those times, that we look for quick content ideas and repurposing content is one very successful strategy. Before we dive into how […]

10 Impactful Visual Content Ideas For Brands

Visual Content is at the heart of any successful content strategy. Given that brands are producing tons of content – blogs, videos, infographics etc, it often becomes difficult to stand out from the crowd. This is addressed be creating powerful visual content, content that is a treat to the eyes, is easily understood by audience, […]

Artificial Intelligence in Content Writing

Recently I came across two websites ContentHop and WordAI promising to write and rewrite content using artificial intelligence. What piqued my interest was, there could already be some content that would have been written by these AI programs. Next came this news about a robot reporter in China which had written 300 words in one […]

Inbound Marketing Tactics – #SEOTalk Recap

This week on #SEOTalk Twitter Chat, we discussed about Inbound Marketing Tactics. Inbound Marketing has become a key component of marketing strategy for brands across all hues since it is instrumental in them acquiring customers. The term coined by HubSpot relates to mapping customer journey and attracting them rather than going and pitching exclusively. This […]

3 Reasons Twitter Is Killing Vine

Just off the press, Twitter is shutting down Vine, it’s short video format service. Twitter had acquired Vine in 2012 and had been trying hard maintain it growth recently. One of the earliest entrant in short video format space, which is now occupied by the likes of Snapchat & Instagram, Vine did have a fair […]

5 Things We Learnt From Hosting a Twitter Chat

This post comes with an experience of hosting and participating in Twitter Chats for more than 4 years. #SEOTalk Twitter Chat was born 4 years back and I have been participating in various Twitter chats even before that. Over the years that we have been hosting the Twitter Chat, we have had some fabulous engagement […]