Increase Social Media ROI

Just got an update on my Twitter – Facebook delivers 3x display ads to its nearest competitor and Amex survey has shown 3x increase in SME business using Social Media.(Seems 3 is a magical number of the day).

One more comScore update says Facebook has led all online publishers in Q1 with about 346b ad impression which is an incredible 31% market share.

Folks, Facebook is everywhere, you like it or not.And here is the market share that you might be losing if you have still not adapted to Social Media.

So how to increase the ROI for a business using Social Media – here’s my take:

1. Strategize
Define clear goals, what you want to accomplish using Social Media. You are gaining a much larger audience compared to TV, Radio, Print

2. Excite
Every fan, tweet, retweet, positive feedback, ratings shows that your page/site is being followed/liked.

3. Promote
Ensure you update your pages regularly, have the right offers & information the users can share. Irregular updates can damage the brand health by decreased attention.

4. Metrics
Have tools to generate metrics of your social media campaign. Only you know what is failing & gaining credence.

To conclude, merely having a social presence will not do wonders, it needs serious thoughts & clear goals. You need to get the community interested. The above might help you to start your campaign on the right note. And do forget to measure.

Good Night!!!

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