Top 4 reasons to participate in Twitter Chat

Twitter Chat
Twitter Chat
In the last few months, I seem to have caught up with the Twitter Chat bug. For someone who’s is making foray into the social media marketing world, it is an apt form of communication and learning.

What is a Twitter Chat anyway?? 

When you have spent some time on twitter, you do come across situation where information is exchanged between individuals. Suppose you group these individuals, throw a topic and let the thoughts flow, there goes Twitter Chat :). In an ideal situation, it goes like:
1. Setup a date/time
2. Suggest a topic
3. Setup #hashtag, in order to help people follow the conversation
4. Send out invites
But end of the day, the biggest question that arises, how does it help ME??  I have been lucky enough to have exchanged ideas & befriended some of the great individuals in the Social Media world using twitter chat. Here are my top 4 reasons, you should be part of Twitter Chat:
1. Engagement
One of the clear advantage of being a part of tweet chat is the increased engagement. When a topic falls into your sweet spot, you are bound to get sucked into the discussion. Various chats encourage you to post questions, which gets answered by the panel or other participants. One of the best forms of engagement in real time.
2. Build Intelligence
For instance, the recent chat we had at #Toolschat on Kred. I have not yet adopted Kred since the great fiasco of Klout and there were participants with similar concerns over the scoring. Participating in the chat on that day, helped us build intelligence about Kred and also similar enterprises – PeerIndex and likes. We were able to uncover the pulse of the various users of Kred and guess it helped Kred to gather feedback informally, which may help in future investments.
3. Focused Followers
If you are in the game, where you fret on the number of followers, my advice, this is not the place. But in case you want to follow or get followed by key individuals in your space – do attend the chats, regularly. Here’s a place where you get to interact with like-minded individuals and engage with them beyond the chat sessions.
4. Promotion
The above example of Kred, exemplifies the power of Twitter and Twitter chats. It’s your time to be in the limelight. As an enterprise, you might want to sponsor a Twitter chat or be a guest panel on a day & tell the participants how your product(s) can help them. It will be a chance to educate potential customers about your products and one of the best methods to serve information and source feedback.
Well, we have IBM  coming to #GetRealChat on 5/1. Be there on Twitter at 9 PM EST and follow the hashtag.
As part of my regular activities, I participate in the following chats:
Let’s engage there.
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Has Twitter Chat helped you?? Share how?
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