What is #SEOTalk

#SEOTalk#SEOTalk came up as we were discussing few of the nuances about SEO on one of the Facebook Post. Since I was too ignorant to talk about this topic, I discussed with Jaydip Parikh if we can do a weekly Twitter Chat on the subject as there would be many more like me who would be keen to learn. And he has readily agreed to do it & share his knowledge every Monday 8.30 PM India Time (11 AM EDT/10 AM EST, 3 PM GMT) – Now 9:30PM India time (12 Noon EDT/11 AM EST, 4 PM GMT).

And we will have occasional guest coming in too, so if you’re an SEO guru, don’t forget to write to us & we will be happy to have you on board talking SEO

What you can expect on #SEOTalk

Without a doubt, we will be talking all things under the sun related to SEO as well as digital marketing at #SEOTalk. Initially, we have few topics lined up, but I assume that as we progress, we would like to hear your suggestions too. We may be talking about the basics first & move towards complex nuances as time and audience goes forward.

How can you join?

You can join us every Monday 8.30 PM India Time (3 PM GMT) 9.30 PM India Time (4 PM GMT) on Twitter & use the hash tag #SEOTalk on your tweets and you would be part of the discussion. We are also trying to setup a Twebevent, so that it can be easy for you to be part of the entire discussion. Alternatively, you can use TweetChat or Sees.aw to join the session.

You may choose to just lurk around & watch the discussion, but we would be happy if you would be able to join us actively and share your knowledge.

Do we have rules?

Not specific rules, but we would like you to ask question or send replies that are relevant to the subject of the day. This will help all of us to stay on course.

Then there’s one thing about sharing your post. Yes, you can share your posts, but we would request you not the spam the group and not to link your post before an hour of the scheduled session. You can always do it after the chat is over.

Beyond Twitter?

There might be some discussion which may go over the scheduled one hour. To have such discussion or to share anything interesting over the course of the week, you can always join our Facebook Group. We would like to engage beyond 140 chars and encourage you to join the group.

So what are you waiting for?? Do join Jaydip and me on the inaugural #SEOChat coming Monday 8/27. For other SEO sound bites, please visit Jaydip’s personal site –  www.jaydip.info

If you have any question, just use the comments box below and we would be happy to answer them. See you every Monday

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