Top 5 Social Media Posts for Week #51

5 Social MediaThe world didn’t end this time, so we can still celebrate the Holiday Season. But before you go for holidays, don’t forget to bookmark this post and follow the links shared in this post. Presenting the best social media posts for this week. Instagram – the photo sharing app of choice made few policy updates that created an outrage amongst the users. While they did offer some clarifications and backtracked, but indeed lost quite a few users and business. The outrage made me wonder and research on why photosharing apps are so important for success on social media.

We do know the importance of photos as some of them have the capability to tell the entire story and it is rightly said that ‘a photo is worth a thousand words’. So why can social media be behind. We have seen brands cleverly leverage photos to tell a story (see any photos by United Colors of Benetton) and many are taking it further on social media platforms too with the likes of Pinterest & Instagram.

5 Social Media reads on importance of photo sharing

  1. First, if you are still not aware why Instagram is so popular, this post by Zohra Ashpari  gives you a great review about it. It takes you through the advantage of Instagram and its importance in the social media world. Good to see someone compare it with Twitter, with an image update! 
  2. The second post, ‘How To Gain More Social Media Audience Through Photo Sharing’ by Steven Papas takes us into exactly why photo sharing is important. Steven has  in a subtle way brought about the ‘human’ character to the forefront while telling us about photo sharing on social media.
  3. And then Vanessa Au in this post ‘10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business‘ takes us through a detailed journey on how brands can utilize Instgram like showcasing wares, getting behind the scenes, connecting and engaging with followers, etc. If you’re representing a brands, do not miss reading this post.
  4. Off to some number cruching, this post ‘Pew Study Highlights Explosion of Photo Sharing‘ by John Haydon looks at some recent studies on the why, who and how of photo sharing. It was interesting to note that nearly 46% of American users share photos or videos taken by them & 41% curate photos. More such interesting numbers in the post should help come up with a great 2013 strategy!
  5. Last, if you are someone who has been yelling ‘Quit Instagram’, here are some alternatives to it. The post/video titled ‘Instagram Alternatives‘ by Craig Kanalley gives us 10 alternatives that can be used instead of relying on Instagram.

Your turn

  • How did you react to the policy changes by Instagram?
  • What alternatives did you think about?
  • How important are images to your business? And how much did you rely on Instagram for it?
  • How important would you consider photo-sharing on social media?

Send in you comments on the above queries using the comments below and let’s engage in some great discussions.

Meanwhile, wishing you Happy Holidays!!

Photo Credit: marfis75 via photopin cc

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