Top 5 Posts on Effective Pinterest Strategy – Week #20

Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest has been gaining much importance lately.With nearly 50 million users and growing, you are looking at a great marketing platform and so you need an ‘Effective’ Pinterest Strategy.

The beauty of Pinterest lies in its simple yet a very pleasing visual interface and so your Pinterest Strategy should involve a lot of visual element. Since Pinterest also supports videos, it’s a great way to showcase your video streaming prowess too!

So this week was dedicated to finding some amazing articles that can help YOU build an effective Pinterest Strategy and get additional traffic through your visual content.

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Top 5 Posts on Pinterest Strategy

Post #1

The first post is from Beth Hayden on 56 Ways to Market your Business on Pinterest. Though #8 which says about commenting on Pins is still less prevalent, but am sure those tips are pretty much useful in creating an amazing Pinterest Strategy for your brand.

Post #2

If you are looking at more resources to master your Pinterest Strategy, this post by Zach Bulygo is a treasure trove. You ought to bookmark this post since it has links to 103 great articles on Pinterest. Starting from the basics to some rare gems, it’s one article you should not miss reading!

Post #3

And if you’re a writer, the post ‘How Writers can Use Pinterest’ by Peg Fitzpartrick is worth a read. She shares some basic tips for writers to build an effective Pinterest strategy. #3 is a pretty good tip, since every reader would like to know something more about the writer, so create boards that can help identify you.

Post #4

If you’re a community manager, it is impertinent that you share the importance of Pinterest within your community. This post ‘How community managers use Pinterest’ gives good insights on Pinterest Strategy for community managers. The point on leveraging ‘contests’ to generate interest and traffic is pretty spot on.

Point #5

One of the biggest virtue of Pinterest is that it helps boost SEO. This post ‘6 Quick and Easy Ways to Boost SEO With Pinterest‘ by Rebekah Radice explores 6 quick and easy ways to do so. The one point that I also advocate is about “pinning you own content’ and it definitely adds life to your content.

So that’s it for this week.

Let’s hear from you now

1. How important has Pinterest been in your branding strategy?

2. Do you follow a particular Pinterest Strategy?

3. Share your interesting Pinterest board

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