Content Marketing Myths – #SEOTalk Recap

content marketing myths

Content Marketing has become the buzzword of the industry these days. Yet few know how to do it and often question the way we execute them. More often that not, there are few content marketing myths that people succumb to and lose focus.

While people like us act as brand ambassadors of content marketing and share success stories with the old fashioned marketers to ensure the plans are executed well and benefits accrued.

But the previous generation still wants to quick and quantifiable results whereas people like us tell that content marketing takes time and not everything can be measured.

So at SEOTalk Twitter Chat, we decided to take the bull by the horn and bust few content marketing myths.

The community was kind hearted and shared their thoughts and debunked many of those myths. While there are many more that need to be covered, we still managed to tackle the top 5.

Content Marketing Myths

At the outset of the chat, I indicated that unlike Q&A sessions we usually do, these one would be more of discussion. Participants were free to question each other’s rationale and add their points too. And I’d share few thoughts of my own too.

Myth 1. Search Engine Marketing is better than Content Marketing?
Myth 2. Content Marketing = Lots of Blogs?
Myth 3. Content marketing should be on your OWN platform only?
Myth 4 – Social Campaigns should be seperate from content marketing campaigns?
Myth 5. It’s easy to measure RoI of Content Marketing?

Your Take

  1. What do you think are myths about Content Marketing
  2. How do you educate the stakeholders?
  3. What different forms of content marketing do you do?


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