Facebook Adds New Feature – Like Pages

We all know how the Facebook stock price is receding, but that is not holding them back from innovating and trying to make it profitable for businesses and individuals to be on the Facebook platform. And with them taking out the fake likes and brands/individuals finding a drastic reduction, it was time for some redemption – so the new ‘Like Pages’!!

Facebook Like Page

If you are someone who has a Facebook Page, they have added a new feature on the left side ‘Like Pages’. Clicking it takes you to a page with options to like few pages. They also provide options to search for pages based on certain categories like your recent check-ins, music, brands, etc. And the top options that appear are supposedly ‘liked’ by you and your contacts.


Facebook Like Page Options

The new feature can provide great advantage to the page owners and administrators. Now, it would be easy for them find brands/individuals of their interest. And for brands/individuals, it becomes very important that they choose correct category so that it becomes easy for users to discover them.

It did induce me to click the ‘Like’ button for few pages, which otherwise I may not have discovered. Since, this is kind of ‘in-your-face’ page, I assume many like me would utilize the option.

Your turn

How would you rate the new feature & how do you think that this would help brands/individuals. Will it really help Facebook to attract more users to ‘Like’ the pages? Also, will it help brands/individuals to get back more ‘Likes’ than they would have expected to?

Do utilize the comments section below and let me know.

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