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How to write a good blog post that begs to be read?? That’s the biggest challenge for every blogger. It’s a constant endeavor for bloggers to write a post that can get viral and help them get maximum reactions. Writing is not something that will make you an overnight star, it has to be practiced and practiced well continuously.

Here are 5 tips that I have learnt over last couple of years writing post that have the potential to get viral.

5 Tips to better blog posts

#1. Capturing ideas

You know well that thoughts can come anywhere, they could be while browsing the internet or strolling in a park or watching movie or even commuting to work. Since our brains have been designed to only remember certain events, its very easy to forget those ideas and so its best to capture them while you get one.

Tip: Use bookmarking apps like Evernote, Instapaper, Catch or social bookmarking apps like Markerly, Scoop.it, Pinterest. Many of them provide plugins that stay on your browser and make it easy to note. The mobile apps of the above help you to bookmark or note ideas while on the move

#2. Brainstorm & Research Ideas

Well, you may have gathered lot of ideas, but not all of them could turn out into good post. So brainstorm your ideas and see how they relevant they are with the current newsmakers. Ensure that the idea you have is about something what people would be interested to read about. Do basic research about the idea to come up with fact & figures about the subject.

Tip: Read as much as possible and try to engage with other bloggers. Participate in events, seminars, Twitter Chats etc. Many of them do not cost a dime and are great places to learn. Make sure you follow key individuals from the domain you are planning to write. I recommend Google ReaderTwitter Lists and also Facebook Lists to follow these individual’s work.

#3. Editorial Calendar

Once you have decided on what post you want to write, it is better to put them into an Editorial Calendar and maintain it. Editorial Calendar help you to keep track of the ideas and also streamlining your thought process. Mainly, it helps you cut out the noise and write a focused post

Tip: Maintain atleast 10 items in your Editorial Calendar and write down your keywords. It would be good if your can also put a column that has some bullets on what exactly were you thinking while you came up with the idea about a certain topic.

#4. Write  great heading and blog post

Most of the time, people read a post because the heading was very attractive. In the era of Social Sharing, where the message has to be communicated in less characters, ensure you have a great heading.

Once you are through all of the above, time to get writing. And writing doesn’t come easy, but its good to keep on writing. When I started writing, I know how dreadful it was.(You don’t want to read my early posts) Initially though, you may not see too much readers, but if you are consistent, I bet your writing will improve and so will the number of readers.

Tip: Participate in writing challenges, I took part in the AtoZ challenge, which wanted bloggers to write on any topic starting from the alphabet of the day, each day. Seems easy!! Just try doing it once. Also, make a point to write something each day, even a small paragraph. It does help improve writing!

#5. Proliferate

You have just completed the key task of writing, but then you want to attract readers to your post and engage with them. Today you have multiple platforms to proliferate your blogs. Utilize the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and others to share your post. Have social sharing buttons on your blog to make it easier for the readers to share. Have a great comment plugin to enable readers to drop a comment & engage with you

Tip: Go to local blogger meetups and exchange your thoughts with other individuals sharing the same school of thoughts. You can also write guest posts and offer them to other bloggers. You might want to try myblogguest.com for opportunities to write at other places. And you can even drop me a note, I offer my site for guest posts too.

Hope the above tips would help you write some killer blog posts. Drop me a note if they proved helpful for you.

And if you have something to share beyond the above, please utilize the comments section below and share your tips to write some great blog posts. Would love to hear your tricks too!!

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