Is Your Website Social Media Friendly?

By | May 15, 2013

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This is a Guest Post by Anny Solway

One of the best ways to enhance a company’s reputation, develop traffic, and improve search engine performance is to be sure that their website is social media friendly. This is because websites like Facebook and Twitter have really exploded due to one simple fact: people prefer old-fashioned word of mouth more than anything else.

Here’s what we mean: You can see an advertisement on TV for a toothpaste and you might make a mental note to look for it the next time you go shopping. The reality, however, is that you are probably not going to make that big of an effort to do so. If you hear from a friend, however, that the toothpaste really did make their teeth much whiter or that it is a great product, you will definitely seek it out.

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Because the online world does not work in the same way as a person to person conversation, social media has become the next best thing. People from all over the world now use these sites to recommend things, “talk” about things, and more. This is often done by clicking “Like” buttons or “Share” buttons, re-tweeting, and more on the website. And this is tremendously valuable.

How to Get Social Media Friendly Website

So, is your website social media friendly? In other words, do you make it easier than ever for someone to like or share the content you have available on the website? This is a true key to success, and yet a lot of people and companies are missing the boat, or they just are not using the right tools to ensure that sharing and liking can easily occur.

Search engine optimization can be an extremely difficult endeavor. If you’re using the WordPress platform, you’ll find that many of the free themes out there don’t really have the search engine optimization features built into them that you’ll need. Premium WordPress themes usually include enhancements that are designed for users who need to make certain that the content on their website is as search engine friendly as possible. Here are some of the things they generally include and why you should consider utilizing one of them for any sort of a business site.

When the theme is then partnered with the many social media plugins and widgets, such as the many graphic tags that feature social network icons or functions, it converts a nice blog or website into one that is social media friendly, and optimally functional.

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