12 On-Page SEO Techniques Search Engines Love

By | February 14, 2014

12 On Page SEO

On-Page SEO is one of the most discussed topic on #SEOTalk Twitter Chat. There were few techniques that we already know, but it is always better to revisit everything that is related to search engines.

Google very much emphasizes on the fact that your website should be well optimized in order for it to rank higher. Google believes that the reader should have a best in the class experience while they click the top most ranked pages and on-page SEO is a key factor in that.

While many sites, tool helps you analyze it, but this infographic by Brian Dean is a pretty handy guide to help you take care of the various optimization factors. This check will ensure that you do not have to log in to those tools, sites and analyze.

12 On-Page SEO Techinques

  1. Permalink URL
  2. Title Tags
  3. Multimedia Content
  4. Outbound Links
  5. Keyword Strategy
  6. Headings Tag
  7. Loading Speed
  8. Modifiers
  9. Social Sharing
  10. Long Content
  11. Bounce Rate
  12. LSI Keywords

Let’s jump into the infographic now!!

On-Page SEO Infographic
Courtesy of: Backlinko

What you can do now?

1. Analyze your site for On-Page SEO

2. Share your tricks/tweaks for On-Page SEO

What do you think about this infogrpahic? Do drop in a comment, will be glad to hear your review.

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