Social Media in Classroom – Part 2

After my earlier post on “Social Media in Classroom”, few of the readers asked how they can effectively use Social Media. Am putting a succinct post & would like to divide this discussion in 2 parts & stick to the classroom only –
  1. Students
  2. Teachers

I shall also share the operational advantage of Social Media in Education some time later.


Accept it or not, these is Generation C (connected, communicating, content-centric, computerized, community-oriented, always clicking). News, views etc travel much faster within the generation than we had ever imagined. Over to Advantage Students…

1. Connected Learning
It has often observed that the best and deepest way student learn is when they are amongst themselves. Students can leverage on social media to connect within the student community in the non-traditional hours of study sharing their views, notes & keeping pace with other happenings.

2. On-demand learning
Share notes in form of Word, PDF, Podcast, E-learning modules can help students to learn on-demand. We all know that not all student have equal capabilities. Sharing notes via Social Media can help students to drive the course at their own pace.

3. Increase Passion
As human being we all nurture certain passions – photography, music, games, etc. For students, if these passion as given a wind, their learning on the subject acquires a great fillip. Social Media facilitates  students will similar interests are connected therby ensuring spread of knowledge.


Sadly, teachers have been perceived “anti social-media” due to various reason. Clearly, few of them are right, but when used effectively, social media does enhance teaching.

1. Communication
Yes, teacher usually do not belong to the Generation C. But teachers can improve interactions with students over the online social media beyond the school walls. Connecting to student personally will ensure assistance & feedback.

2. Improve Education
Effective usage of social media within teachers, connecting with stakeholder in the world of education can also ensure adoption of best practices with diverse set of students.

Remember, in today’s age, information is everywhere. How we handle the information and embrace the change has a direct impact on the future of next generation.

Please keep sharing your views & comments. They are very much appreciated.

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