Top 5 Twitter Analytics Tool

Here are five analytics tools you need to check out.

5. Klout Among influence-measuring tools, Klout might be the most notorious. I admit it’s not perfect, but there is still a lot we can gather from it. The actual Klout score is pretty much worthless after you surpass 35, but you can gather an awful lot from the Klout score analysis. For instance, it tells you your overall reach and your top influencers and influencees.

4. Backtweets Backtweets is a great free tool to figure out how far your tweets are traveling. It lets you see who is interacting with your tweets.

3. Topsy This isn’t just for Twitter analytics. It’s a real-time social search engine. Topsy is a great way to learn more about trending topics. One of the best features is its advanced search options, which lets you pinpoint all the way down to a specific URL, phrase, or time of day.

2. Advanced Twitter Search Of all the tools on this list, Advanced Twitter Search may be the most underrated. This is the official Twitter search engine. It enables users to aggregate search terms via words, people, places, and dates. Most interesting, it enables you to search tweets based on whether it’s a positive or negative attitude.

1. Tweet Stats This tool will analyze any user’s tweets over a given period of time. It breaks down the information into easily digestible bar graphs. It includes number of retweets and mentions, tweet count, tweet density, and overall reach.

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