Google AMP Demystified – #SEOTalk Recap

google amp demystifiedWelcome 2017 on SEOTalk Twitter Chat. We decided to start the year with a look at Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

Since the launch of AMP, we have been debating on it’s importance and does it really make sense for brands to adopt it.

Last year, Google also made changes to SERP where it integrated AMP with mobile listings and also giving better ranking to sites with AMP.

The biggest benefit for using Google AMP is the ability to load the site on mobile devices faster. In my opinion, since making ‘faster loading’ one of the ranking factor and also advocating ‘mobile first’ design, Google has been asking webmaster to be mobile ready for a while.

But we were wondering if AMP really mattered and for which kind of brands? We asked this question during the chat.

The answers were a mixed bag. Many of the folks commented that it will really matter but more so if you are a brand that has frequent updates and more long form content. Since AMP requires sites to load in 2 seconds max, it matters much.

That thought brought us to media brands, which have content being published frequently and thus AMP made more sense to them.

Another interesting question was on the SEO impact of Google AMP.

We had two insightful answers to it, by Varun and Jerry –

Given that we are still in the early days of Google AMP, the chat was quite insightful. Read on…

Here are the questions that were covered during the chat –

Q1. What is difference between non-AMP and AMP websites?
Q2. Why does AMP matter?
Q3. What kind if brands should implement AMP?
Q4. How can AMP be implemented for WordPress websites?
Q5. How will AMP impact SEO?
Q6. How are you approaching AMP?

Google AMP Chat Transcripts

Here are the transcripts from the chat –

Your Thoughts

  1. What kind of brands should adopt Google AMP?
  2. Do you see better results for brands using Google AMP?

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